Local Coastal Studio

Original Marine life & Freshwater Illustrations, Paintings & Gyotaku Rubbings .


Historic Avenues

Local Coastal Studio is a member to of the Charleston City Night Artisan Market and can be found participating one weekend a month.


Where To find Us

Local  Coastal Studio can be found not only at the Charleston City Market, but at fine art shows and fun events through out the coast. You can also view permanent installations at the Portal Royal Maritime Museum, Gooch Gallery & Art Classics Catalog. 


Charities Rock


Thanks to all of your support Local Coastal Studio is able to donate part of its proceeds to help charities such as- ST Jude, Kid Find America, Save The Children, Humane Society, Loggerhead Conservation and a few others. Thanks For all your support


Charleston Hand made Artisan Award 2014”
”Coastal Discovery Musem Award Of Merit 2015”
”Atalaya Arts & Crafts Show Award of Merit 2016”
”Coastal Discovery Museum Award Of Merit 2017”
”Chastain Arts Festival Award Of Merit 2017”
”Coastal Living Magazine October 2017