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Jody Rankin's  work may look like somewhat abstract in manner, but the underlying subject matter takes older and much more realistic root forms. The finished pieces represent a melting pot of historic practices and modern technique. 



Jody's has grown up in all corners of the South. Born in Alabama, raised in Florida & Texas, finding his love of art in South Carolina  and now developing new techniques in Georgia. No matter where he has been the water has always been close. From the rivers and creeks of Alabama to the beaches and barrier islands of South Carolina and Florida he finds ripples and waves of inspiration. 

Beginning with a fascination of historic illustrations of marine life, plants and other subject matters found in old biology texts, he started creating his own illustrations and Gyotaku. His introduction into the art world began in Charleston, SC. He started to study newer and older techniques, but still holding on to his illustrated roots. The creations you see now are a result of those influences. 





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